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How To Repair a Slate Roof

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Slate Roof Central - How to repair a slate roof.

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Buy the Slate Roof Bible, 3rd edition, as a PDF download.

Buy the Slate Roof Data Stick.

Buy the Slate Roof Data Stick.

What Neanderthals do to slate roofs.

How to install a slate roof.

Mistakes people make when installing slate roofs.

Need tools, nails, bibs, or slate hooks?

Copper and stainless roofing nails, rivets and slate hooks at the Slate Roof Warehouse.

Need tools for slate roof work?

Need tools for slate roof work?

Avoid these 21 contractor errors.

Examples of hail damage to a slate roof.

Read an article about hail damage.



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Slate Roof Bible, 3rd edition

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